Judith has been helping my children for almost 5 years now.  She initially helped my son when he was in Year 11 and needed extra support on a one-to-one basis and he ultimately successfully achieved a grade 5 in Maths in the first year of the new grading system when his own High School maths teacher was not sure whether he would pass or not.

Judith has taught my daughter all the way through high school (Year 7 to Year 11) as my daughter lacked confidence in maths and she was put into the top set of Maths at high school, and she was struggling to keep up with the pace and was often left floundering as topics were covered at pace.  My children found that Judith was able to explain topics using a variety of different methods so that when they came home from school after a maths lesson saying “I just don’t get it” they knew that they could let Judith know that they wanted to go through that topic with her at their next lesson.

Judith has been very flexible with the frequency of lessons as at times my daughter has had lessons fortnightly but during lockdowns this increased to weekly as my daughter was initially getting no classwork or teaching from school, and Judith has been on hand to provide additional lessons when required ahead of tests and exams.  Although my daughter has not received her final GCSE result, she did achieve a grade 6 from her mock exams in February and her confidence in maths has improved greatly.  Judith provided additional questions and papers to use for revision both ahead of lessons and as an aid to practice for exams.

Lessons with Judith have been online since the commencement of the pandemic, and this has worked well for my daughter and she always found the lesson a good experience as Judith is patient and clear and she always finished the lesson feeling very positive.  Having a maths lesson with Judith was never a chore for my children!

I would not hesitate to recommend Judith to anyone and if either of my children require support in the future with the numerical aspects of their college or university courses I will certainly be in touch with Judith.
(ZC, Garstang, June 2021)

We would highly recommend Judith. She was extremely patient and dedicated to our son’s learning, identifying the areas of concern and working with him to overcome issues. Judith provided worksheets in advance of lessons to help with prep work and always kept us informed and engaged. She has helped our son hugely with his confidence and preparing for his GCSE maths exams. In this really difficult year of Covid, with all the disruption to learning, Judith’s patience and dedication has helped our son walk confidently into his exam room. Thank you so much Judith.
SH, Bolton-le-Sands, May 2021

I can’t recommend Judith enough! My son has been having lessons during year 11 to help him gain confidence in his maths, especially through the pandemic. He really enjoyed the lessons and Judith was excellent at explaining things and covering areas he needed more help with. His confidence and ability has gone through the roof and I would definitely recommend if anyone is looking for extra support, thankyou so much Judith x
AP, Gosport, May 2021

My daughter has found Maths challenging since Key Stage 1. Now in Year 8 we realised it was time to find a private tutor. This is always daunting as a parent because there is no OFSTED to tell you how good a private tutor will be. However Judith has exceeded our expectations – straightaway putting my daughter at ease (especially a teenager with anxieties over 1-1 lessons online or F2F) and letting my daughter lead some of the topic lessons in order to boost her confidence. Judith also gives her the time to think. All work given and practiced is invaluable as it works alongside the Maths Curriculum. I feel sincere gratitude and trust for Judith to continue supporting my daughter through to her Y11 exams. Thank you Judith.
FG, Heysham. June 2020

We are so pleased to have found Judith. Our son really lacked confidence with maths and this was impacting on his ability to engage with the subject. In a very short period of time, Judith has managed to build his confidence and we have noticed a huge change in his engagement with the subject. He has come on brilliantly and finished the year with an outstanding report. This has been managed at a distance through skype which has worked extremely well. Thank you Judith – we are very grateful.
SJ, Sweden, June 2020

Judith provided some 11+ tuition for my daughter and was absolutely super! She was so patient and after a few sessions my daughter actually said the words “maths can be fun”! With Judith’s help my daughter passed the 11+ and I would thoroughly recommend her to anyone.
RHS Garstang. February 2020

Judith has been tutoring my son for several months now in preparation for his GCSE’s. She has been patient and supportive throughout. I would highly recommend Judith.
LM, Lancaster. March 2020

I would like to thank Judith for her patience and knowledge that she provided to our son, during his lessons. Judith had been teaching our son for his last 2 years before GCSE’s. He gained so much confidence and understanding with his maths, that he wasn’t getting from lessons at school. He grew in confidence with maths and in his other subjects as well!!  I would definitely recommend Judith to anyone, who is looking for a knowledgeable, caring and dedicated Maths tutor.
AC, Forton. July 2019.

Judith was willing to provide some last minute tuition to help our daughter with her GCSE Maths. She had loads of experience, was very patient and explained things very clearly. She not only boosted our daughter’s knowledge but also her confidence. She was invaluable and we would highly recommend her.
DO, Lancaster, June 2019. Well done on passing your GCSE maths! Good luck in your future studies. Judith, Mathsright, August 2019

Judith has been incredible in helping my son prep for his GCSE. He jumped 2 grades within a month and a half and gained so much confidence. Judith constantly went above and beyond and dropped off additional resources and messaged to find out how my son’s exams were going and if he needed anything. Can’t recommend this lovely lady enough.
LT, Cockerham, June 2019

Excellent. Judith is patient, thorough and my son gained so much from her tutoring. Highly recommended.
HA, Lancaster, April 2019

Judith has been giving GCSE maths tuition to my daughter for the last year and not only has she caught up with the time she lost at school but has been getting marks in the top half of her class. Judith has a real friendly approach and has made such a massive difference in my daughters educational outlook. I would definitely recommend Maths Right to anyone needing extra maths learning.
GD, Hest Bank. November 2018.

Judith has been fantastic helping my daughter with her GCSE maths. Judith has worked with my daughter for only a few weeks and she has improved dramatically in her understanding of the subject already. She has grown in confidence which was reflected on her last progress report. For the first time ever she seems to be able to understand it due to the way Judith patiently teaches her. I would highly recommend.
JD, Garstang, November 2018

Judith has been excellent in supporting our children with their GCSE maths. They both lacked confidence and struggle to grasp certain mathematical concepts. Judith has been very patient and is able to provide a range of learning techniques to help my children grasp these concepts. The children’s confidence and performance improved greatly over the year, with my daughter getting her first score of 90% in her end of chapter test. She will now be entering the higher set in Maths to complete her last year of GCSEs. I am so thankful to have found Maths Right to ease the pressure and I have every confidence that my children will achieve a good grade in their Math GCSE. Thank you.
SD, Scotforth, Lancaster. August 2018

My daughter is enjoying maths now and the tutoring is making a difference. Judith is very patient and understanding. I am confident my daughter will do better in her GCSE`s because of it.
KW, Morecambe, August 2018.

Judith has given tutoring support to my son for the last few months as he worked towards his GCSE in mathematics.  She took the time to assess areas of weakness and helped him to address these in a manner which he found easy to understand.  As a result, she really boosted his confidence and he is hoping to get the A or A* he has worked hard for.  I would not hesitate to recommend Judith; she was extremely professional, knowledgeable and reliable.
RP, Lancaster, June 2016…….. Well done on achieving an A*. Judith, Maths Right

Judith is a kind and empathetic teacher and has worked with my son is such a supporting and caring way that I would recommend her highly as a maths tutor. Judith matches her maths teaching competences and understanding of the different exam boards and exam techniques, with calm and kindness.
KM, Galgate, Lancaster, June 2016……Fantastic grade B. Your hard work has paid off! Judith, Maths Right.